Alexandra Krakovsky, Esq., M.S., C.F.I. is an Attorney & Mediator. She specializes in business litigation and ADR for a broad variety of commercial matters.

Alexandra received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado School of Law at Boulder in 2002.  At the international law firm of Coudert Brothers LLP, Alexandra litigated complex environmental toxic tort matters across multiple jurisdictions and global insolvency matters, including all aspects of bankruptcy, corporate recovery, and reorganization strategies for Chapter 11 cross-border cases.

In 2008, Alexandra became General Counsel at the International Aesthetic and Cosmetic Center in San Diego, supporting intellectual property matters and commercial transactions for the life sciences industry. Thereafter, since 2015, Alexandra served as General Counsel at MGN Five Star Cinema, LLP and MGN Films, Inc. focusing on complex commercial litigation, commercial real estate litigation, and entertainment law for movie distribution.

Alexandra also served as Attorney Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) at the Children’s Court in Los Angeles, and thereafter co-founded the Law Center for Crisis Management, a non-profit organization supporting families in crises.  As an experienced Attorney Mediator, for the past 17 years she draws on the techniques acquired in her Master of Science work in Diplomacy, Child and Family Investigator training, and Bill Eddy’s High Conflict Institute concepts to bring patience and balanced judgment to managing disputes.